Simultaneous Interpretation


Simultaneous interpretationKazakhmys plc are the world's 10th largest producer of copper and have subsidiaries in Kazakhstan and Germany. Sound Advice designed and installed a beyer radio conference system that provides one channel of interpretation and ceiling mounted dome cameras provide a video picture of the delegate who is speaking.


Conference AudioUniversity of Ireland School of Languages

The School of Languages at the University of Ireland in Galway has expanded its department to run a course for Interpreters, specialising in Gaelic. Sound Advice designed and installed the suite that provides 12 interpreters stations with 12 delegates units and a teachers master station, all digitally recorded plus video, based around the RCF Forum 9000 and 2000 series consoles. Three of the booths are to International standard ISO 2603 for fixed sites and the fourth booth with wheelchair access is fully portable and meets the requirements of ISO4043.

Simultaneous interpretation

The Bord na Gaidhlig in Inverness

The Bord na Gaidhlig in Inverness promotes the Gaelic language in Scotland.

They use a 15 delegate cableless infrared conference system for the floor language in the board room with the interpreted language coming from a radio Tourguide system that also doubles as a hard of hearing system.

Bosch Simultaneous Interpretation System in the Mission to Moldova of the OSCE

Simultaneous interpretation"Nestled" between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova considers Romanian its national language although after 50 years of Soviet influence, nearly everyone also speaks Russian.

Being the only neutral political international organisation in Moldova, Mission to Moldova of the OSCE regularly hosts meetings of representatives of many different local and international agencies which more often than not, involves the use of Romanian, English and Russian around the table.

Not wanting any delegate to be excluded from the debates due to a poor understanding of the floor language, the Mission had a simultaneous interpretation system installed.

Simultaneous interpretation

Conference specialists Sound Advice Ltd from the UK won the competitive tender to supply and install a four channel BOSCH digital simultaneous interpretation system. The equipment included 25 discussion units with integral loudspeakers and microphones, above, and 50 infrared Integrus digital four channel receivers, below, and two translators' stations. To provide the most flexibility, the complete system can be packed into special cases and be used in other venues.

The mission can now provide two channels of simultaneous interpretation, as well as the floor language, to delegates and observers alike.

Mission's administrator Jelle Marseille: "This system adds to the Mission's practical possibilities to fulfil its function in Moldova's society; we are most happy with the system as I was with the way Sound Advice Ltd provided us with it".

Simultaneous interpretation
The Mission’s two interpreters booths, above right, and one of the 4 channel BOSCH infrared emitters can be seen in the top left of the picture.
Simultaneous interpretation
The OSCE Mission to Moldova in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.

The Organisation for Security and Co Operation in Europe - OSCE - is the largest regional security organization in the world with 55 participating states from Europe, Central Asia and North America. It is active in conflict prevention, crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation, arms control, human rights, election monitoring and economic and environmental security.

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Readers may be interested in the dedication over and beyond the call of duty when Sound Advice engineers travelled via Air Moldova, below, from Vienna to Chisinau on the 2 hour flight over the forests of Romania and Hungary.
Bosch Concentus Simultaneous Interpretation System for SIRTE OIL Company

A new Bosch simultaneous interpretation conference system has been installed in the SIRTE Oil companies headquarters building in Brega by Sound Advice . The system has simultaneous interpretation, electronic voting, chip card registration, waiting to speak lists and is connected to the Theatres projector and Public Address system.

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