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University of Portsmouth

Sound Advice designed and installed the audio visual systems for the new mock courtroom in the School of Business Studies for the University of Portsmouth.

A full replica courtroom complete with Jury box, Magistrates retiring room, Jury room, vulnerable witness room and of course a dock has been built to enable students to learn about the working of a court and see the different aspects of the legal process.

Presentation VideoThree fully functional cameras and a full sound reinforcement system in the courtroom record all of the proceedings for use in future lessons and debriefing sessions and a two way link to the vulnerable witness room works exactly the same as in a real court room.

The proceedings are recorded to a digital hard drive that is removable to enable the Lecturer to review / edit the session and archive.


Ashford Borough CouncilAshford Borough Council

Ashford Borough Council have two HD enabled rear projectors and screens with relays to the committee rooms. There are 60 delegate positions for full council and an additional 11 units at the committee tables, above for smaller meeting. All 72 units can be run together for special events and voting, digital recording, hard of hearing and public address are available.


Swale Borough CouncilSwale Borough Council

Swale Borough Council have full HD presentation via two 42 flat panels and a projector and screen, a relay from which can be sent to the adjoining committee room and shown on an interactive whiteboard that also doubles as an emergency planning system.

Public Address, heard of hearing, Autotrack cameras and a 60 way RCF Forum digital conference audio system with voting.


St Mary's Church AlverstokeSt Mary's Church Alverstoke

A 7000 ANSI projector throws 23 metres down the length of the nave to a 3 meter 16:9 screen that lowers to position on a St Mary's church in Alverstoke The screen retracts and disappears back behind the arch when not in use. A new audio system is used for services and also concerts and film shows. A new induction loop helps the hard of hearing while blue tooth gives flexibility to music playback Full HD video distribution send the signal to 10 other sockets around the building to enable flat display panels to be used in any position depending on the requirement of the event.


St Georges Church BrightonSt Georges Church Brighton

A 7000 ANSI projector throws 21 metres down the length of the nave to a 3 meter 16:9 screen in St Georges church in Brighton, below. A new 16 channel audio system is used for services and also concerts and film shows. A new induction loop helps the hard of hearing while blue tooth gives flexibility to music playback.


Bracknel Forest  CouncilBracknel Forest Council

HD presentation is available via two 65 flat panels in Bracknel Forest Borough Council chamber.

Audio is from a hybrid cabled and radio Televic delegate system. The chamber has a fixed cabled system permently in place and a dozen radio delegate units can supplement them for full council whilst being used in other rooms and venues at other times.


Wiltshire County CouncilWiltshire County Council

Wiltshire County Council uses a 110 way RCF Forum system driving Sony cameras to automatically webcast their meetings

The system is connect to Microsoft Lync so that remote delegates can participate in the conferences.

Three 8000 ANSI HD projectors show the live video and presentations all controlled by a Crestron panel and relays to committee rooms.


Harbour SchoolHarbour School

Harbour school now has a large projector in the hall, right, with a long throw lens to produce a large 3 metre image on the opposite wall. There is also a sound system and radio microphones.


Abingdon BarnsAbingdon Barns

Abingdon Barns were recently refurbished and they now have a large format projector along with a large 16 channel audio system for their music group.

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

The lectern and equipment cabinets, left, were custom made by Sound Advice to match the furniture in the recently refurbished chamber at Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council. Both cabinets have multipin connectors to enable them to be disconnected and moved as all of the furniture is fully mobile to enable different room layouts.

Presentation video
Presentation video

An interactive tablet controls the presentations with other signals coming from DVD, video and digital visualiser. A second radio controlled CUE panel provides the presenter with control for screen up/down, projector, DVD< video and computer signal selection, as well as on/off / standby /play /stop etc.

The video signals are displayed on the presenter's screen, three flat panels for the top table and on the main screen via a data projector fitted at the rear of the room.

Presentation video
Presentation video

The projector case, above left and the electronic screen case, above right, were designed and built by our engineers.

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Presentation VideoFareham Borough Council

A three metre screen across the corner of the chamber at Fareham Borough Council enables everyone in the room, including the public balcony, to see the presentations clearly.

A Bosch digital radio cableless conference system with voting provides the audio and a second controller runs the delegates units in the committee rooms. The furniture can quickly be reconfigured for different types of meetings and the audio set up in minutes.


Presentation VideoWear Valley council

Wear Valley council chamber where the  rear projection option for the main chamber provided a very tidy and bright image. The projector can be seen fixed in the corner of the room

Presentation VideoLincolnshire County Council

One of the 8 meeting rooms at Lincolnshire County Council where we have installed the Hitachi short throw projectors using either fixed whiteboard, fixed static screens or interactive white boards depending on the rooms use. Having this configuration for your meeting room will mean that all of the cable runs will be tidier and minimised and all of the equipment will be concentrated in one position. More importantly, the light from the projector doesn't shine in the presenters eyes as is the case with a conventional projector
Presentation VideoVolvo Ocean Racing

The world headquarters for the Volvo Yachts around the worlds race is based at Fareham. Sound Advice installed the projectors, audio and surround sound and truss systems. The HQ is used to keep contact with the competitors and provide press and TV briefings at the important stages of the race.
Presentation Video

Wandsworth Council, London

By linking the delegates conference microphone to an autodome camera, a picture of the delegate speaking is shown on the screens either side of the dias. The screens also show powerpoint presentations.

The video and audio from the chamber is relayed to flat panel monitors in the Leaders Room, Opposition Room and the Members Library.

Presentation VideoWinchester City Council

Winchester City Councils' committee room with a third of their conference system laid out for committee use. The digital data projector clearly shows planning applications on the electronically operated screen and a data link allows Officers to call up images from various departments via the Councils' servers. A zoneable public address and infrared hard of hearing system can be used for other functions when the conference system has been removed.
Presentation Video
West Sussex County Council

The new lecture theatre at West Sussex County Councils' professional centre has been refurbished and Sound Advice designed and installed all of the new audio visual equipment and staging. The blue panel is acoustically absorbent to improve the acoustics in the room and loudspeakers for speech and playback of pre-recorded material are positioned at either side of the panels. A 4500 ANSI lumen Mitsubishi projector provides bright, crisp, pictures on the fixed screen. Input to the projector is from a visualiser, active tablet, a CCTV camera with PTZ, a DVD and video player and from guest’s laptops. All of the equipment is controlled by a CUE touch screen controller with a radio remote control panel.
Presentation VideoWaverley Borough Council

The top table at Waverley Borough Council has three flat panel monitors to view the data and video pictures while the public seating has a dedicated plasma panel. The rest of the room views the pictures on the main electronic screen and audio is played back via loudspeakers and the infrared hard of hearing system. A Philips conference system provides delegates with two way digital audio that in conjunction with four video cameras, provides the feed for webcasting.
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