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Sound Advice are listed installers with the Royal National Institute for the Deaf and can assist with ensuring that your existing and new sites comply with the current regulations

Loop Induction Systems for the Hard of

A complete range of units are available from Sound Advice. Coverage from 50m2, ideal for bank counters, ticket offices and desks etc to 550m2, ideal for theatres, churches and conference centres.

Infrared Systems for the Hard of Hearing

The advantage of an infrared system over a loop is very simple, there is no loop! This is of particular benefit from an installation aspect where the fabric of the building, a church for example, cannot have cable attached or visible.

The system works in the same way as a remote control on a video or television, i.e. an emitter (the remote handset) sends out an invisible beam of infrared light which individual receivers (the TV), convert into sound via built-in headphones.

Because the system operates via light, it will only work if the receiver is in line of sight of the emitter although as many receivers as required can be used at the same time.

The Lord Chancellor’s department recommends this type of equipment for use in courts due to the security aspect. The signal cannot be heard outside the room unlike a loop that can sometimes be heard several meters outside a room.

Mobile infrared kit with integral emitter,
battery charger and microphone, showing
a Stethoset on charge.
Necklace loop models are available that can be worn by hearing aid users. The receiver produces a localised electromagnetic signal that is received by the hearing aid if set to the letter “T”. The listener then has, in effect, their own personal, localised loop

Larger emitters are used in court rooms and theatres. Other applications include simultaneous language translation. Display narration in museums and walkaround displays.

Sound Advice have completed several large infrared hard of hearing systems for St Vincent’s College, Portsmouth University, Coulston Halls Bristol and the Bournemouth International centre.

Whilst Sound Advice can help with the electronic hearing assistance equipment for public spaces, you may find it of interest to visit www.earhelp.co.uk/home.html for information and advice on hearing in general.


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