Bosch Conference Equipment

Infrared conference equipment

Birmingham City Council

The 144 delegate flush conference system was installed using the existing spaces left
by the old system which had eventually given up after 25 faithful years. There is voting and chip card registration which, when inserted into the voting panel, allows the computer to instantly recognise the delegate. The delegate can then sit anywhere within the room and the synoptic microphone control changes accordingly.

Two autotrack cameras are installed that shows the name and a live video picture of the delegate speaking and this audio is digitally recorded for transcription later. A plasma screen relays the proceedings in the chamber to the foyer outside. The twin projector screens which fully retract when not in use, can show data and live video from various sources and also show the named voting results.


Braintree District Council

Braintree District Council in Essex has taken delivery of the UK's first cableless digital radio conference system by Bosch from Sound Advice which features parliamentary voting and high quality audio.

The synoptic software provides the clerk and chairman with an instant view of which microphone is live and which delegates are waiting to speak. The delegates positions change colour to show the individual voting results.

Infrared conference equipment

Wear Valley District Council

Wear Valley District Council in County Durham chose the new Bosch Dual delegate radio conference system. This enables two delegates to share one loudspeaker and microphone unit but the individual delegate is still identified when the synoptic microphone layout and optional touch screen control is utilised.

Conference AudioNorth Shropshire District Council

North Shropshire District Council in Wem has a 42 delegate Philips Digital System, complete with three loop systems for the hard of hearing. The conference audio is connected to the digital data projector and two radio microphones provide freedom of movement for the officers when giving presentations.
Conference Audio
Blaby District Council

Blaby District Council in Leicestershire has a 38 Delegate Philips system that is completely mobile. All of the delegates units and system controller pack into four cases and the room can be cleared completely.
Conference Audio
Adur District Council

Adur District Council’s newly refurbished chamber has lots of acoustically absorbent surfaces and therefore sound does not travel.

To enable Councilors to hear clearly, Sound Advice has installed a Philips Digital Conference Audio System with one delegates unit shared between two delegates. Officers use a radio microphone for presentations and the proceedings are relayed to the public seating via a public address system and a loop induction system for the hard of hearing.
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