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Infrared conference equipmentHM Dockyard, Portsmouth

Sound Advice Ltd had previously installed a site wide PA system for HM Dockyard, Portsmouth, and having seen the quality of the installations, (some of which were in buildings restored in 1792) BVT Surface Fleet Support engaged the same team from Sound Advice to design and install the new PA system on HMS Victory.

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Infrared conference equipmentPoole Lifting Bridge

Poole lifting bridge was built in 1926. At the time, it was regarded as a state-of-the-art engineering solution to the challenge of providing a road link across a busy shipping channel in Poole harbour and is still in use today. It has 7 time-tabled lifts a day and another 10 unscheduled lifts for commercial boats.

Sound Advice refurbished the external Public Address system that provides advice and warning to road users and Mariners alike. One of the microphones is located in the Port Office half a kilometre away and can remotely operate the PA via a data link.

Infrared conference equipmentSpinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

Sound Advice designed, supplied and fitted the audio system for the spectacular Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.
Infrared conference equipmentHampshire Police

Hampshire Police use public address systems to quickly communicate with staff around the stations and use a telephone interface for speedy message access. Sound Advice have provided systems for Fareham, Aldershot, Havant, Portsmouth, Southampton, Gosport, Park Gate and Southsea police stations.
Infrared conference equipmentPirelli Cables, Southampton

Pirelli Cables in Southampton manufacture fibre optic cable in the lower building and then draw the fibres out in the tall ''draw tower''. Due to the highly toxic chemicals used, gas sniffers constantly check for high level of fumes. If the toxic level becomes too high, a pre recorded message is broadcast over the PA to advise all members of staff. The PA provides emergency evacuation facilities as well as site wide PA and technicians intercom.
Infrared conference equipmentPortsmouth Continental Commercial Ferry Port

Sound Advice recently refurbished the site wide PA at Portsmouth City Commercial Ferry Port, home of Stenna, Brittany and P & O Ferries. The 10-zone system covers 5 acres via 200 loudspeakers, along with digital messages and background music for the terminal buildings and ambient noise sensors.
Infrared conference equipment
Southampton International Airport

The new passenger terminal at Southampton International Airport was designed with a concourse running the length of each side of the building.

One side is for departures, the other arrivals, and through the centre sections are customs and baggage reclaim, each having its own zone on the Public Address System. Sound Advice installed the complete PA & Voice Evacuation System including Digital Message Stores.
Infrared conference equipmentPortsmouth Guildhall

Three floors of the Portsmouth Guildhall house offices for council staff, the Lord Mayor’s parlour, committee rooms and the council chamber, whilst the ground floor is a 2000 seater concert venue used by artists such as Bob Dylan and the Who. Sound Advice designed and installed the voice evacuation system that is also used as a ten zone public address and show relay system.
Infrared conference equipment

Fleetlands is the Defence Agency National Helicopter repair site and Sound Advice won the competitive tender to install the site wide PA system comprising of 27 kilometres of cable, 340 loudspeakers, 8 amplifier rack locations and 10 zones with 8 zones of local paging.
Infrared conference equipmentFloating Public Address

The Hebridean Spirit is a luxury (£4,500 per week) cruise ship and, during a recent re-fit, it was decided to replace the Public Address System. After consulting with the Maritime Defence Agency, Sound Advice designed and installed a Philips Presidio System that allows 5 zones of paging and music and also has line monitoring and digital safety messages as standard. The refurbishment involved our engineers visiting the ship in Tallin in Estonia and the main rack install was done in dry dock in Greece.
Infrared conference equipment
Portman Building Society

The Portman Building Society headquarters in Bournemouth where Sound Advice designed and installed a 10 zone Public Address system throughout the building.

Other sites include:

IBM, GEC Marconi, St Ivel Dairies, Millbrook Furnishings, Hove Civic Offices, Bacardi Martini, Pirelli Cables, Johnson & Johnson, Portman Building Society, Great Mills Distribution and Blackgang Chine.


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